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Health Exchange Navigators – the Savior of Federal Marketplaces

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The revolution of tablets, smart phones, mobile apps and mobility is exploding everywhere and taking everything in its grasp. The business sector has also been completely covered by the sheet called enterprise mobility and so is the healthcare sector. This sector is one of the biggest sectors that are adopting mobility and it is adopting it in the form of mHealth. Being a heavily regulated sector that deals directly with people's life, it is important to impose few strict compliance rules for everyone to adhere to. Experts from several cloud based mobile management company recently attended a webinar and shared few important tips to grow mobility healthcare program effectively. They also shared their views on how to control your mobile costs. Let us look at a few of them.Establish and enforce policies – Policies regarding effective and safe use of mobile devices in any healthcare institution are essential not only for maintaining system transparency but also for avoiding headaches arising from non-compliance and legal issues. The first step is careful development and customization of these policies. Risk management officers of the organization should mull upon every aspect of its usage before compiling them. They should make sure that every employee has received, read and agreed to follow all terms and conditions regarding its usage. Experts attending the webinar said that it reduces risk at the organizational level. The second step is to enforce these rules and regulations at the enterprise level. For this, it is important that you keep your employees informed in advanced about the forthcoming step. Then, all you need to do is to send an email to all employees and notify them about terms and conditions, importance of following them and consequences faced by the company of not adhering to them. The email should be on a serious note and IT admin should make sure that every employee is clear in his mind regarding usage of mobility concept. Watch mobile bills – According to an In-Stat report, telecom spending by healthcare sector reached USD 16 million in 2010. Out of that, 40 percent spending was dedicated only to adopting mobility in the organization. Another report reveals that the market of healthcare mobility technology reached USD 1.8 billion in 2005 and USD 7 billion in 2010. In this condition, monitoring and optimizing carrier plans can save thousands of dollars for a company. However, healthcare institutions should ensure that the quality of services is not compromised at any cost.Consider security before facing any major rant -  HIMSS or Healthcare Information and Management System Society - a non-profitable organization released a detailed report on the best practices related to Mobile Device Management (MDM). Experts present in the webinar said that healthcare sector could take advantage of all security features provided with the mobility concept. They can effectively use remote wipe system, lock system and other safety aspects of an MDM system to reduce the risk associated with a lost or stolen device or mobile apps in healthcare institutions. Monitor and regulate the use of mobile apps – The continuously rising use of smart phone apps means that both, the mobile app development companies and the users have realized its role in shaping the future. In this situation, regulation of apps becomes mandatory and healthcare institutions should ensure that IT department governs and monitors every app used by the employees. ConclusionAs mentioned above, the concept of mobility has affected every area of business sectors. However, it is important for them to cope with its negative side before implementing it. This negative side, despite appearing larger can be managed simply by intelligence and alertness shown by the user at the right time.

Health Exchange Navigators – the Savior of Federal Marketplaces

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