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Pioneer Peak Swing Set And The Blue Ridge Collection From Gorilla Playsets

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This article willhighlight a few key points about wooden swing sets, which are made in Georgiaby a company known as Gorilla Playsets. One of their popular units is named theBlue Ridge Frontier and they put a new spin on the set by adding a clatterbridge and second tower. This new swing set added to the Blue Ridge collection,is known as the Blue Ridge Pioneer Peak. What is great about theBlue Ridge Pioneer Peak is that is has the same great features of the BlueRidge Frontier but the new features make this swing set one that is sure to bea favorite in the line up. Known for high quality, this company makes a uniqueline of swing sets that are considered "RTA", (ready to assembly) meaningyou assembly it when it arrives at your home. This is one cost saving factorfor consideration because you can do it yourself with carpentry skills and agood friend who will help out. Most of the GorillaPlaysets are made from cedar and are stained in the factory by their skilledemployees. Making the Blue Ridge line truly unique because of the rich honeyfinish that is applied and the timber shield protective poly coating (this isgreen) on main beams. It is also applied to the corner fort post, the swing beam,and A-frame leg supports. This protective coating helps protect the lumber fromthe outside elements and also reduces the maintenance on these parts becauseyou won't have to re-stain the lumber or sand it. You will have to perform thismaintenance of the rest of the unit because the wood is exposed. In theinstruction manual it offers suggestions on how often this should be completed.It also depends upon your climate and how often you apply a wood seal.  The rest of the lineuses simply the best hand selected wood they can find. By obtaining wood from"Certified" forests they are doing their part to preserve and beingan environmentally friendly, as a company. Manyof their structures are sold with the following features as standard equipmentand this makes for great savings. They include are swing belts, trapeze bar,rock walls, climbing ramps, tic-tac toe spinners, green slides, picnic tables,and wood roofs. This manufacturer, Gorilla Playsets is one brand that makeshigh quality wooden swing sets for children. 

Pioneer Peak Swing Set And The Blue Ridge Collection From Gorilla Playsets

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