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How Interns Could Save Your Mobile Enterprise

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Mobileapplication testing is one of the most popular types of software testing. Software testing company offers mobile application testing services to simplify the testingneeds of application developers and service providers.Thereare different kinds of mobile applications (web applications, platformapplications, SMS, mobile websites). Web applications are the most acceptable asmobile web browser is an application that sends content to the mobile device. Platformapplications development is rather simple but their supporting and testing arevery costly. SMS is the most simply type of application, testbased and havelimitations of the message content. Mobile websites are considered to be thesource of simple and accurate information.Toprovide mobile application testing testers use hundreds of mobile devices andproviders to significantly increase the quality of software products andservices.Types of Mobile Application Testing:Functional testing;Performancetesting;Memory leakagetesting; Interrupt testing;Usability testing; Installationtesting; Laboratory testing.Functional testing presupposes checking whether the software meets the stated requirementsand specifications and is able to satisfy the user demands and expectations. Itholds the key position in the process of developed software products QA.Performance testing. This testing is undertaken to checkthe performance and behavior of the application under certain conditions.Memory leakage testing. Memory leakage happens when the program or application is unable to managethe memory it is allocated resulting in poor performance of the application andthe overall slowdown of the system.Interrupt testing. An application while functioning may face several interruptions likeincoming calls or network coverage outage and recovery.Usabilitytesting thatoffers the opportunity to receive feedback from the users before it is too lateto do anything about it.Installation testing is important to make sure that user does not face any difficultieswhile installing the software application. It is aimed at verifying thesuccessful installation.Laboratory testing is performed to find out bugs whena mobile application uses voice and data connection to make different functions.During the testing process testerscan face some problems:The software product installed on a mobile device depends on its creators and the decisions they take during the process of software development.The obtained data is usually quite conflicting.Some application’s content may prove to be unsuitable for certain mobile devices. For example, it may contain unsuitable format.Problems caused by a certain network operator.Certain models of mobile phones can be very problematic in handling.

How Interns Could Save Your Mobile Enterprise

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