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Slumber Parties For Kids And Their Best Friends

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As our kids beginelementary school they start making friends and eventually find a group to hangout with and one particular individual who will become their "bestfriend". These friendships are very important as children grow becausethese relationships help to develop skills necessary in life, such asinteraction, communication, cooperation and problem solving. Kids will alsodevelop emotionally when interacting with friends.  Children put intopractice, learning how to control their emotions and reacting to the feelingsof others. They expand their ability to reason and discuss differentcircumstances that arise in their relationships. Having a "bestfriend" and a group of friends to hang out with also effects how well theywill perform in school. Most will agree that a good attitude about attendingschool while having friends in the same school makes for a happier learningenvironment. The advantage of having friends leaves a positive effect on children.This article will focus on slumber parties for your child, their best friends,and their inner circle of pals.   For girls and boys,they love to have their friends spend the night. This seems to be a kidfavorite and age doesn't matter as even young toddlers love to spend the nightaway from home. Sleepovers are at the top of the list as one of their mostfavorite activities. Fun activities for sleepovers include pizza and if theyare old enough baking one with mom's help. Of course, watching movies andeating popcorn or playing video games are popular options for boys while girlswill tend to enjoy making craft projects, jewelry projects or playing dress up,styling each others hair and applying makeup for fun.  Whetheryou have boys or girls one of the coolest things about slumber parties ishaving a really cool sleeping bag. Cool sleeping bags are not the ones used foroutdoor camping trips but rather ones made for indoor use in fun prints andbright colors. They come in unique patterns, from playful puppies, adorablekittens to down on the range with horses of all sorts. Retro patterns in hotpinks, purple swirls, and of course chic fabrics and you will have a fantasticlooking sleeping bag. Give your kids bragging rights and invest in indoorsleeping bags.

Slumber Parties For Kids And Their Best Friends

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