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Agree to Choose Puppy as Christmas Promotion Gifts

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Christmas approaching, would you like to buy Christmas Promotion gifts online as presents to your families or to make something by yourself?Well, as one of my Mom's Christmas gifts I was going to do a photo calendar. Problem is that I can't find some decent pictures of the boys from the past year to do it with. While I was looking through the ones on my computer I realized I have a ton of really old family photos. Most of persons are my grandparents and great grandparents when they were young. I'm thinking about doing a calendar with these instead. I could also send it to my Aunt and thought it would be cool since these photos are ones that we don't look at very often. My only hesitation is that I worry that it might be depressing since my Mom and Aunt are elderly and all of the people in the photos have passed.Opinions: I think it would be awesome. As my grandmother ages (she's turning 90), for Christmas gifts I’ve tried to buy someChristmas Promotion gifts, and also give her good memories of her childhood -- a picture book during the time period she was growing up. The best would be (if she's close) to have your mom go through the pictures with your children and tell them about the people in the pictures.What a wonderful idea! You can also get one of those digital photo frames with a large screen and have the pictures constantly on display. Just will have to scan in all the images in good quality and add them onto a small memory stick. Otherwise, the calendar is just awesome. They will love it! Don't worry about them getting depressed - they won't! It's always lovely to look at your loved ones...the photos keep them alive in our thoughts!I agree with others to mix in the old photos and newer ones (and use good photos of your boys from all their lives, not just this year). Also, do not forget photos of you--your parents probably want pictures of their kid you know. I don't think looking back at happier times makes people sad. At least for me, it makes me happy because remembering those older happy times gives me a warm feeling in my heart.I did something like this for my mom. When my grandmother passed away she left behind boxes and boxes of old slides. No one had a projector so I took them to a videographer and he transferred them to CDs. I had one nice photo of my mom, grandma, and grandpa printed and framed, then gave her all the CDs to view on her computer.Love the idea of a photo book! For presents, I am planning to buy some Christmas Promotion gifts online and also going to see if I can borrow my mom's photo albums tomorrow and scan her pictures of me and my siblings and my folk's wedding photos. I didn't realize how easy it would be to put that together until I looked into it.

Agree to Choose Puppy as Christmas Promotion Gifts

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