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5 Ways Technology Helps Hotels In Offering A Comfortable Stay To Their Guests

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None of the industry today is unaffected by the advent of technology and hotel industry is no exception. A number of hotel management software have taken hold in the market and are in competition with each other to provide effective hotel management solutions. These software have not only helped the hotels but have also improved the level of services offered to the guests. Here are some of the examples of the technology’s contribution to the hotel industry.Use of hotel management software: There are a number of hospitality management software available in the market for every type of hotel. These software help the management in every possible way like room service, room vacancy, check-in and check-out, inventory management and every possible function of a hotel one can think of.Quick check-in: Quick or mobile check-in is the next big advancement in the hotel industry. This technology helps the guests to check-in via their mobiles. The QR code is sent to the guest’s mobile in advance of his stay and then he can choose to check-in according to his convenience.Smart room keys: Smart room key is nothing but using the mobile phone to unlock the doors in the hotel. Guest are given code in their mobiles and with just one swipe, their hotel room is unlocked. This saves the hassle of collecting and submitting hotel keys and also prevents the loss of the key and any unauthorized entry into the room.Online booking: Though online booking is not the latest trend in the hotel industry but it is surely the most influential one. Online booking has given guests the freedom to reserve a hotel room with a single click on their mobile phones. It is also a convenient method to book a room at odd hours when calling the hotel is not possible.Use of mobile phones and tablets: Many hotels have switched to mobile phones and tablets to manage the guest information. The tablets are one of the best ways to get a customer feedback at the front desk or to manage a guest check-in and check-out. At many places, hotel housekeeping staff has been given smart tablets to ensure quick action against any request that a guest registers.Also, online review system is a great help to the hotels who want to improve their services according to feedback provided by their guests. Though a guest will remember a hotel for the quality of service and the taste of food offered, but the technologies mentioned above have surely taken the hotel industry to a whole new level and also leave an ever-lasting impression on the mind of the guests. 

5 Ways Technology Helps Hotels In Offering A Comfortable Stay To Their Guests

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