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Head towards the perfect solution for any need of inventory

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Our world is changing. We live in a mobile society, always on the go. Business owners and managers want things done NOW, on-demand & real time. Sending business invoices digitally allows businesses to save on paper used as well as save on their overall budget and at the same time it is fast. Not only does it make things easier for you and anyone you’re invoicing, but mobile invoicing apps let you work wherever you need too.You can easily and conveniently log hours, scan barcodes and create invoices and email or SMS them to estimate the work direct from the invoice app. The mobile invoicing app has a simple interface that enables a person to build voices within seconds and estimate them in various manners. It gives you an option of zoom in or zoom out display at full size as well as changed text size in your screen. While operating invoicing solution, if there is a mistake done by you, just select multi-level undo and command redo to get back on the correct track. Reasons why you should use a mobile invoicing app1. You can do business on the go-irrespective of the location of your staff; they can contribute to the invoicing of the process.2. You can easily brand your invoices without having the need for specially printed stationary, which costs money, and becomes a waste in case you change your logo, address, or contact information printed on it.3. You can make receiving payments easier and faster through integration with interfaces like paypal, payment card interfaces, or mobile banking.Here are some of the features that make a good invoicing app for you smartphone:1. Branding on the invoice: This will let you create invoices and estimates in various styles but professionally. You can simply use the name or logo of the company or can select one form the list provided. For example, Invoice2go offers a simple, easy to use interface so users can organize and customize what they need to.2. Print anywhere: The easiest way is to bring a portable printer and print invoices and estimates anytime anywhere. You can collect the money faster plus your customers are provided quick and professional estimates. 3. View anywhere: Save the invoices in HTML format so that you can view them, print or email them directly from your mobile app or from computer desktop. 4. Integrated to outlook:  You can simply select any entry from existing database of contacts with the address in the invoices by using Outlook integration. It eliminates the need of extra typing or the load of managing duplicate contacts and thereby, your contacts are stayed synchronized with the desktop of your computer. 5. Ease of use: It offers simple and easy to use interface for users to operate. You just have to select invoice links and then click on it to perform an assortment of operations. Scroll, zoom in then display the entire invoice in its full size within your computer screen. 6. Powerful Item List: It lets you customize database depending on your needs. You can create groups of items, tax items or discounts. Another facet is that you can make a quick search into the list of your item so as to insert immediately in your invoice and then estimate. Further, It lets you customize tax rates as per your demand and filter all documents so you can find the specific invoice or client whenever you need it.

Head towards the perfect solution for any need of inventory

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