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How To Create A Video Tutorial For Your Mobile App

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The consumption of rich media has moved from televisions to personal computers and finally to mobile devices. More and more users turn to look at the screens of their little companions when they wish to stream videos, or consume rich media. This evolution has tremendous impact on how the business gets done and how customer engagement happens. Media companies and marketing organizations are constantly evolving their modus operandi to capitalize on the changing customer behavior.With the users’ propensity to consume media on smart devices increasing, the businesses are clamoring to be a part of it. There are multiple ways in which this trend can be converted to revenue and customer satisfaction. There are a lot of app opportunities that enterprises are investing in today.Content delivery – Media hunger of the user needs to be satisfied through content residing remotely. Mobile device users can install the application and get content updates, anytime & anywhere. Whether it is serving the real files on the server, or using a servlet to stream the content, the design of the app matters a lot. The interfaces have to be clean, simple, and yet functional. Unless you are preparing for failure, enough and more time needs to be spent on understanding the target audience, type of content and designing for the same. Another important factor to consider is the rights management. The app should have security features which prevent unauthorized copying. Interactive content is another consideration that can have design impact. Customer retention – The cost of retaining a customer is only 20% of that required to win a new one. Even if factors like loyalty and reputation do not come in, the financials should be reason enough to try and retain your existing customers. Reaching out to your customers and engaging them in a positive interaction is the key to growth. Mobile applications that give your customers a mechanism to browse, buy and access your products and services and provide feedback go a long way in customer retention. Customer retention apps can help you deliver exceptional service & ensure 100% customer satisfaction. The customers need to feel involved with the partner, and what better way to get up close and personal with them than getting space on their most personal gadget, their smartphone.Dashboards and analytics – Business intelligence dashboards with real time information in graphical format help managers track, control and manage their teams, and executives take informed decisions. Mobile media is very useful in delivering visually appealing, content rich reports. Mobile showcase – The sales people today carry their product catalogs and demo kits in a nicely bundled app. At literally the touch of a finger, they are able to display their wares, and interactively demo the same. Media formats like flash videos, high resolution videos, images and documents are required to enable these functions.Training – Rich content finds a good use case in delivering training via mobile devices. Training documentation, flash videos, recorded sessions, presentations, and other content can be well delivered and consumed through smartphones and tablets to enable anytime, anywhere learning. In today’s fast paced world, training and learning has to be delivered as per the users’ availability, and mobility enables the same.These are some of the many use cases where enterprise mobility can leverage media consumption through smart devices. If used wisely, the changed customer behavior can lead to great business opportunities.

How To Create A Video Tutorial For Your Mobile App

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