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manisha nigam

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No one can deny the fact that mobile technologies have made a great impact in our lives. Mobile Applications (Apps) has already into every field ranging from entertainment to convenient private transport. These mobile apps can now win over the hearts of the guests through the hospitality software solutions and are in the mainstream in the hotel industry.Read on to find how these mobile apps can turn around even the start up hotels in all the cities and towns.Beyond reservations: Most of the modern hotel apps offer seamless booking process beyond the normal reservation process by integrating features such as early or late check-in, access to special deals, faster room service and check-out. The apps establish a better connectivity to the guests at all the times. As the mobile users are growing, perhaps we may not wonder these apps may even be mandatory in future.Improve guests’ loyalty: While mobile user uses these mobile apps for various deals, hotels can make a leverage such action by offering some incentives or freebies. Some branded hotels across the world offer some tailor-made rewards and leverage their brand experience. Codes can be given for regular guests, which can be integrated with the hotel reservation system.Ensure a comfortable stay: Using the mobile apps, hotels can offer a variety of services by answering all the queries made by the guests. Things like places to visit, maps, galleries, shopping, where to eat outside, transportation, amusement for kids, things-to-do list and more valuable tips can be shared as a value added service. In-house services like spa, gym can be shared through the mobile apps during the stay.Cutting edge with the competition: Undoubtedly, by making its own mobile apps, hotels can make a clear competitive edge over the others in the similar industry. This hotel management solution in the form of mobile apps is a boon for the hotels, who are in the launching stages as such mobile apps offer from the existing hotels are yet to take-off to the expected levels.Make an impact with M-Commerce: Mobile -commerce is catching up with the increasing usage of mobile phones across the world. Mobile apps with direct social media connectivity can establish a new multi-channel communication to the guests and thereby improves the ROI to a great extent. These mobile apps will surely reduce the gestation period by improving the profit in a quicker time.It has been learned from the researchers over 75% of the vacationers selecting these mobile apps in order to get the best deal. Hotels that are operative, as well as the upcoming one, should make use these mobile apps to create better connectivity between them and their guests. In fact, the applications can be more user-friendly in order to establish a better mobile experience while planning a business trip or even a vacation.

manisha nigam

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