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Tips For Planning Great 18th Birthday Parties

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Are you looking to plan an 18th birthday party for yourself or someone you know? If you are you will know that the hardest part can be choosing a theme for the party, and the theme you choose can make or break the party. Here are some great 18th birthday party themes you can use, plus some tips for finding new more personalised themes: One of the most popular birthday party themes is a pool party. Pool parties combine the fun and relaxation of a swimming pool with the fun of a normal birthday party to create a very enjoyable experience. To organise a pool party all you need to do is find a suitably sized pool and arrange to have some drinks, food and music available. The best way to organise an 18th birthday pool party is to just call your local outdoor pool and book a private use sessions, and most outdoor pools have barbeques there ready to use so just bring some meat, bread and salad. Another great 18th birthday party idea is to have a popular movie theme. You can choose any movie you like, and then just get everyone to dress up as a character from the movie. Some good movie themes are Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings as they both have a lot of characters in them, but any movie can be chosen as a good theme, choose a movie that most of the people at the birthday party will have seen and liked. Once you have selected a good movie theme you should also find some good activities to go with the theme, if you select Harry Potter as your theme you can organise your own version of ‘quidditch’ to be played at the party, look online to find some great real world ways to play.  If you can not think of a good movie theme for your party or you don’t like the idea of a pool party you should try and organise the birthday party to have a theme that the birthday boy or girl is interested in. For example, if they are interested in sport you should have the birthday party at a match where their favourite team is playing, or you can play your own game in a local park. A large game of football or baseball at a park with the whole party joining in can be a lot of fun. Use these 18th birthday party ideas and throw a great 18th birthday party today!

Tips For Planning Great 18th Birthday Parties

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