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Chinese Beef Recipes

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Chinese stir fry is an incredible cooking method to cook food at high temperature. Stir frying is a fast paced cooking without overcooking the dish, which can lead to lost of vitamins. With high heat over a wok, stir-frying gives the recipe a delightful "wok hei" aroma as well as retain the pure taste of the ingredients. My family loves to eat Chinese cuisine, particularly the stir fried dishes. Beef-broccoli is the most loved, a very popular American Chinese dish. The tasty beef tenderloins along with the crispy broccoli coated in the flavorful ginger-garlic sauce will make those who have tried it asking for more. It is easy to prepare Chinese beef-broccoli stir fry at home. Preparation for the beef-broccoli is not that difficult. However, you need to keep in mind that stir fried dishes are cooked quickly and so requires a high heat stove in order to copy the kind of taste you get in restaurants that you’ve grown to love. It’s inexpensive to fix a home made beef-broccoli stir fried and you don’t have to worry about preservatives or msg added like what you would get in Chinese restaurants. You can surely please your family and your guests by serving them this wonderful and healthy dish. What we need: 1 pound thinly sliced beef sirloin One pound broccoli florets, 3 tablespoons cooking oil to stir fry beef 3 tbsps cooking oil to stir fry beef alongwith broccoli 1 piece onion, diced One tablespoon garlic, chopped 1 tablespoon ginger, chopped For the Marinade: One tbs vegetable oil 1 tsp salt one tablespoon rice wine One tbs cornstarch ground white pepper (about a dash of it) One tablespoon soy sauce (dark) 1/2 tsp garlic powdered To prepare the Sauce you will need: Two tablespoon oyster sauce 2 tablespoon dark soy sauce To thicken the consistency: One fourth cup of chicken stock 1 tsp cornstarch Method: Get a mixing bowl and marinade the beef with vegetable oil, garlic powder, white pepper, salt, cornstarch, soy sauce and rice wine. Keep it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes In a small dish, mix the ingredients for the sauce and put aside. Then mix the cornstarch with chicken stock in a different bowl. Boil water in a cooking pot. Sprinkle 1 tsp of salt, then add the broccoli florets. Let it to be cooked for just two minutes. Turn off the heat and drain to avoid overcooking. Set aside. Now take a wok, pour 3 tablespoons of cooking oil and heat it. Put in the marinated meat and stir fry for a speedy 3 minutes until its brownish. Dish out and set aside. Pour in 3 tablespoons of cooking oil in hot wok. Toss in the chopped ginger, garlic and onion. Stir for a minute and add the beef, broccoli and also the sauce mixture. Keep stirring for some more time till you really smell the aroma. Add the corn starch mixture to give the sauce a thick consistency. Once you have mixed the sauce well, turn off the flame and serve hot with freshly cooked rice.

Chinese Beef Recipes

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