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Mobility – Not Just a Change

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Cloud-based technologies are rampantly used in different spheres of business activity because of multiple advantages including cost-effectiveness. As regards Cloud PBX, it is essentially synonymous with Hosted PBX.Cloud PBX technology has advanced considerably in recent years, and Cloud PBX has been designed to take full advantage of these developments. When compared with traditional PBX, Cloud PBX by far outmatches an on-site PBX in cost savings, features and functionalities. Here are few of the many advantages communication functions of a cloud-based PBX:1.There is no upfront cost as any need to purchase the equipment 2.No maintenance costs as the equipment is remotely installed at the service provider's premises3.Cloud PBX is extremely flexible as it can be reconfigured at a moment's notice4.Redundancy is a key benefit as a Cloud PBX runs on multiple separate servers, as such there can be no single point of failure5.Expandability is yet another advantage as you can easily add capacity to a Cloud-based PBX at any time consistent with our business growthCloud PBX comes with an array of rich and highly useful features some standard features and other optional features. Cloud PBX has find-me / follow-me capability, voicemail for every employee and the absolute convenience to work from anywhere and at anytime. Some of the prominent features of Cloud PBX are - Auto-attendant, Call Block, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Park, Call Recording, Call Screening, Call Queuing,  Conferencing, Music on hold, Day/Night Mode, Group Ringing, Dial by Name, Direct Inward Dialing, Voice Mail to Email, Web interface, Internet Fax etc.You can buy only such of those features you need and enhance and expand the Cloud PBX functionality and features as your business expands. .All features can be added or removed at any time of your choice. In other words, you can precisely select what your business truly needs and not needlessly overpay buying features you will never use.With the Cloud communication facility, users can access the applications from anywhere the office, home, or while on the move. All that a user will need is a data connection. Succinctly stated, by availing Cloud PBX facility, you can1.Reduce significantly the initial investment    2.Eliminate totally the regular maintenance charges3.No need for technical support staff and thus savings on wages4.Avail reduced rates for local, long distance, and international callsWith Cloud PBX system, all the branches of the business establishments and their respective phones can be integrated into one complete system, making communication easier to access via extensions.Today, the Cloud revolution has dramatically altered communications functions. Please also know that these functions can be delivered whenever and wherever they are needed through your PC, laptop, tablet, desk phone, cell phone, or smartphone.Cloud PBX office telephone system is a durable, convenient and efficient technology that can qualitatively enhance business communication. Because all resources are consolidated in the data center, the Cloud PBX service provider is able to deliver high reliability and foolproof security than even what the users can ever provide with their own traditional PBX.

Mobility – Not Just a Change

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