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Front Desk AI: How The Hospitality Systems Are Moving To Online Solutions

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Wi-Fi and internet services are almost expected as a necessity at every hotel, and with hospitality management software handling most of your front-desk responsibilities, you can improve the guests’ experience considerably. A little help with smartphone integration can work wonders – let’s find out how.Effective grid managementThe hardest job of the front desk is to manage the grid. It is hard to keep track of which rooms are vacant, reserved, requires cleaning, booked but empty at present, etc. without a proper grid management system that is usually handled by a front desk management software.Setting up room service ordersOrganizing housekeeping duties and receiving room service orders have been made easier with a software keeping track of pending orders. Some systems also integrate with smartphones to make the menu available at the guests’ fingertips.Bookings made easierNow that most enquiries and booking portals moving to the internet, a dedicated software is the best way to set up reservations. Since a software is more efficient at managing reservations, you reduce the risk of double bookings and other lapses.Streamlining transactionsSecurity is the most important feature of online transactions and payment portals that are mostly used for making reservations in the modern day. A hospitality software that also manages front-desk duties can set up protected gateways that make handling secure online transactions easier.Smartphone integrationThis is a relatively new feature in modern hotels. The hotel front desk integrates with the guests’ smartphones to personalize their experience during their stay. This can include notifications about meal times, events, parties, and working hours of various places around the resort and the city. The guests can also order room service directly off the menu that can be sent to their smartphones. Other features include setting up sightseeing tours and booking taxi cabs.Improved location servicesThe front-desk usually needs to keep track of when you have left your room and when you returned as well as your check-in and checkout times. This can be difficult to manage for a large number of guests but a software that pings into your smartphone can keep track efficiently and update the front desk accordingly.Communications and socialPersonalized communications between the management and the guests are made easier via software that has integrated with guest smartphones. This also improves guest to guest communications and removes most social boundaries. Social events and gatherings taking place in the hotel are easier to find and manage for both guest and the front desk.With the internet making lives easier, your hotel front desk can be made to manage hotel transactions and responsibilities by integrating a software. Larger hotel chains can multi-task using a Cloud system to create access points for different software. It is the next step in improving hospitality standards.

Front Desk AI: How The Hospitality Systems Are Moving To Online Solutions

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