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Give Your Website the Best Look with Perfect Magento Theme Development

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The first bang was experiences in 2011, when the executives of a premier property and casualty insurance company realized the wide range of benefits, smart phones could bring. In the past few years, the insurance sector has witnessed an immense increase in the competition, which has made every insurance company to devise newer methods to market themselves. Dropping the prices and improving the quality of the services was one option, but every company used it so, it did not bring the expected change. The only option left was to focus on personalized and standout services. Mobile apps emerged as the ray of hope and very soon, insurance companies realized that apps could be employed in different areas to avail numerous benefits. Few US based insurance companies already own a series of apps and they are using them to improve the way to interact with consumers, presenting their services more effectively, educating customers about the importance of getting insurance and for some fun also. For example, an app owned by a US-based insurance company has a voice-enabled virtual assistant to guide customers through the payment process. The other apps owned by this company help users in paying bills, changing payment plan, view discounts and other details. Mobile solutions have made everyone realize their importance in a very short span of time by allowing this sector to avail the advantages like:1. Insurance underwriting – Underwriting procedure has to be conducted indoors, but mobile apps allow underwriters to connect with field sales personnel to boost the property evaluation process. They can use mobile apps to view real-time videos and guide new sales personnel in accurate evaluation of the subject property. Customers appreciate this spontaneous communication, as it keeps them safe from frauds of property evaluation. Business owners like this feature because it helps them in reducing the time used in underwriting, making it transparent and thus, improving the customer employee relationship.2. Enhanced agent capabilities – An insurance agent can do half of his work while on the go, if he is equipped with a tablet and tools like video presentations, live chat facility, sales and quotes generation apps. He can use the time between two meetings to study about the client he is going to meet, prepare quotes and presentations. These tools help sales representatives connect with clients in a better way, understand their needs and provide instant solutions.  3. Claim management – Claims are the biggest part (around 80 percent) of any insurance company's modus operandi. I feel that even a small improvement made by mobile apps could result in significant changes and increase customer satisfaction. Mobile apps can stay in constant connection, which means they can help customers, claim adjusters and back office employees in a great deal. 4. Sales – By using tablets strategically, a sales person can give a demo of how products actually work. They can share policy details in a very comprehensive manner and reduce paper works by getting contracts signed right on tablet's screen. This ultimately helps businesses in enhancing convenience of the customers and thus, their reputation and character. ConclusionThis is high time that insurance companies should start thinking seriously about apps, as the time is slipping out of hands like dry sand. The concept of mobile apps may be old but for unknown reasons, this sector has stayed aloof from it until now. Now as the competition is getting stiffer, insurance companies are looking for newer ways to attract more and more customers. Thus, without making any further delay, every insurance company should contact a mobile app development company, get an appropriate app built, and avail hundreds of benefits.

Give Your Website the Best Look with Perfect Magento Theme Development

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