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Birth Announcements – Decorating the Nursery

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Getting ready for your newest member ofthe family is an exciting task to be sure, but one that requires a certaindegree of effort and thought to be put into it, to help make sure that you havecovered all your bases. Two of the things to think about when you are preparingfor this important life event include sending out birth announcements to yourfriends and relatives, and also preparing the nursery that the baby is able tospend time in. The more preparation time that you are able to put into these atfirst, the better organized you will feel when the big day comes and you go into deliver your baby in the hospital. A cheerful theme that pervades thenursery can be echoed in the birth announcements, which could also have thesame type of theme or decorations. A new baby is reason to celebrate, so thisshould be made clear and mirrored in the surroundings for the newborn. Oneimportant thing to remember is the color scheme, for example. It is a good ideato bring in an interior decorator for a consultation if you feel completelylost with this aspect of the decorating process. However, many people will choose tocreate their own designs for birth announcements and the nursery alike withoutany outside help. It could be helpful to flip through design magazines, to makesure that you know what’s out there and what others are currently doing withtheir own nursery rooms. Although the designs need not be related, it can be afun project to tie the two together, to give the baby an image that can bepresented to your loved ones right off the bat. Painting the walls with a funmural is a way to individualize the room. That same design could then be used onthe birth announcements, or you could include photographs of the nursery aspart of the overall package. Although most people will send cards to make theirannouncement to everyone, you could get more creative. Photo books or albums,within reason, could also be sent out. A major trend is sending out sweets,such as cookies or cakes that include the same information. However, the birthannouncement should serve its purpose of providing information to your recipients.The nursery, no matter how plainly decorated, must be safe and comfortable forthe baby. It’s important not to lose sight of these main issues. 

Birth Announcements – Decorating the Nursery

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