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Dual Persona Mobile Application Management – The Next Generation of MAM

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Thinking to Change Your Email Client? IBM Notes and MS Outlook are the 2 most well-known and most widely-used emailing tools. Often there are cases seen where the users change the email client they had been using to some other better one. These email management applications are often switched across because of different feature-sets in each. Sometimes even, users’ dissatisfaction with the use of one particular email client also creates such an urge to change their email application onto another email client, which they find better than the earlier one. Lotus Notes Emails to Outlook Several Lotus Notes email users wish to Transfer Lotus Notes to Outlook migrate Lotus Notes emails to Outlook because of their projected shift from Notes email application to Outlook. Such reasons for these types of email data conversions vary from individual to individual. There reasons can be segregated into two segments including 'need to' and 'want to' reasons accountable for this decision to Transfer Lotus Notes to Outlook. "Need to" Reasons For all those individuals who have changes their job, and unfortunately enough, the previous company used Lotus Notes, and the new one into which the moved now uses Outlook; the need to convert Notes emails to Outlook becomes mandatory if they want to keep accessing older email data even in the new working environment. This need mainly arises for HR people, sales people and marketing guys who have crucial info stored in their mailboxes which can help them in work in any organization they go so they cannot afford to lose access to this data no matter what. If an individual has to work in the Lotus Notes environment in his office but has MS Outlook application at home then in such a condition, he needs to convert Notes emails to Outlook which working from home when he needs to access some official information at his home as well. "Want to" Reasons If you acknowledge that Outlook is better than Notes, then considering its advantages, you want to change from Notes NSF to Outlook. Sometimes an individual using Lotus Notes previously is lured towards Outlook as it has lower installation costs and lesser maintenance charges in comparison to Lotus Notes, then he surely wants to make the switch over. Lotus Notes Emails to PST To undertake this process of email data conversion, you have to follow a step-by-step guideline but first and foremost, it is necessary to make a meticulous online search to fetch a good and effective professional solution for this purpose. Key Points to Note While Searching for a Tool to Migrate Notes Emails to PST: The tool should be very easy to use The software you choose must execute the process rapidly The product should maintain data integrity and should not alter email formatting, email properties and any other crucial information Also, the software you select must be cost-effective and pocket-friendly

Dual Persona Mobile Application Management – The Next Generation of MAM

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