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Medication compliance and planning

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Over few years of statistical report, it has been concluded that over twenty five percent of people die because of medication compliance.If this situation is transformed to currency it comes to close to 130 billion dollars. It may be either due to the patient or the relatives or to the insurance companies. On an average half of the patients suffer from medical non compliance. This hinders the contact between the drug store, pharmacy, physician and the lack of proper connection between them. The ultimate result end up in fatality because of these irregularities. The cause of fatality could be due to sudden effect on the blood pressure or sugar intensity, which requires continual supervision and taking the appropriate drugs. Due to medical non compliance the patient may have to take few additional drugs to check the symptom. To counteract such happenings provides software's which systematically performs the medical organizing of therapy schedules and supplies timely medical agreement. In the long run serious effects can be faced due to non compliance. This software is created by their expert and expert pharmacists with a perspective to help the healthcare community. There are several incidents when patients and their relatives are over burdened with many prescription schedules or regimens and the result is disgusting with the increase in cost of the treatment. Their software program is designed to provide support to the patient and families who can find the regular medication and continue with their remedy. It is the best possible methods to handle chronic therapy situations. This internet based prescription management software keeps watch of medication for various members of the family and enable in organizing by alerting for refill or divide prescription, if vital. What it requires is proper feeding of medications starting date, number of dosage per day along with the interval of intake, quantity of medicine available with you and warns you about replenishment in due time. It works a lot like inventory software. However, it also alerts the pharmacist and the respective doctors about the refill doses. It is competent at storing crucial records of diseases, medicines, druggist and doctors. An yearly fee of $15.99 is charged as fees by to extend this facility. Moreover, the patient's history and information is kept strictly non-public and is not shared with anyone except with the included or associated people. Several employers have adopted this software to track down their employee's health records and medication. In the recent economic crisis the leading factor that disturbs much is the medical non compliance which gives the rise to hospital stay costs, hinders organizations productiveness by complicating the person's health issue.

Medication compliance and planning

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